Nutrition Content Writers Needed

Akash Sehrawat

3 min read | Apr 27, 2020

Requirement‘Two’ Nutrition Content Writers who can churn out 20-30 high-quality nutrition articles on a monthly basis. 

Article Type #1: Long Article (1500-2500 words).

We will pay $40 (INR 3000) for the same. 

Article Type #2: Medium Article (1000-1200) words.

We will pay $20 (INR 1500) for the same. 

Once selected you will be given ~10 articles every month. (Topics will be pre-decided for you and will only be related to Nutrition) 

Follow these 3 steps to submit your articles:

Step 1: Out of the 9 Article Topics provided, choose any 2 you want to write on. 

Step 2: Start writing today and follow the exact instructions as provided in this email for submission. 

Step 3: Be mindful of the deadlines. If you submit after the deadline then it won’t be accepted. Note: You need to submit any two articles only by 3rd May 20 Sunday, 00:00 hrs Standard Indian Time.  

Topics to choose your articles from:

-7 Important Functions of Protein in the Body (Medium or Long)

-How protein can help you lose weight effortlessly (Back by science) (Medium or Long)

-7 Protein-rich vegetarian foods (Medium)

-11 Protein-rich vegetables (Medium)

-Is too much protein bad for my health? (Medium)

-Fat Deficiency | Signs and Symptoms (Medium)

-Good Carbs Vs Bad Carbs: Complete List (Long)

-Good Fats Vs Bad Fats: Complete List (Long)

-Benefits of Walnuts | How many walnuts should you eat per day? (Medium) 

More details about how and what to write in the articles:

Send your articles to [email protected]

Subject line of the email: Your Full Name

-Put the articles in the email body (and DO NOT attach it in a PDF/Doc etc)

-Format of email body: Article 1: Start with the title and then the article.
Article 2: Title and then the article text

-Make sure you have the references and sources for ANY claims you make.

-Place the references in the bracket after the claim/statement.
For example, if you want to state a benefit of walnut and that it helps with brain health.

You can write something like this: This study (reference link) concluded that walnut is linked with improved brain function.

-The article should be your own and not plagiarised.

-Submit only 2 articles.

In case you get selected be mindful of the next steps:

-You will become Nutrition content writers at Fabulous Body.

-You will be required to write 10+ articles per month ONLY related to Nutrition topics.

Which means you need to have ample time on hand to meet this demand.

This is NOT a one time gig where you provide quality work now, and then start to falter.

Think long term.:)

-You will be compensated in the next month.

For example, if you write 10 articles for the month of May you will be compensated as on 10-15th June.

We use Paypal, or Netbanking to transfer the fundsThe fee for the articles are fixed.

You are assured at least 10 articles per month/writer at least for the next 10 months.

Other details…once you are hired.

This is a stepping stone for bigger and better roles at Fabulous Body.

8. And most importantly any article you write will be published on our website with your Bio, picture, and a link to your brand/website. 

Since most of the articles are evergreen, and I do link most of my articles in my courses, you and your brand/website/social media channel will be getting a lot of exposure from tens and hundreds of people from more than 186 countries! 

We are growing at a very fast pace and bigger and better positions will be available with time.

Most of the positions will allow you to work from the comfort of your home and earn good money while doing the work you love and are passionate about:) 

I truly hope you get selected and start working with me:) 

Stay Safe Stay at Home & Earn Money Online:)  

Yours in Health,
Akash Sehrawat
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