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Nutrition Coaching
Nutrition Fundamentals
Skinny Fat to Lean
Health & Wellness
Gut Health
Building Muscle
Ketogenic Nutrition
Sports Nutrition
Dietary Supplements
Yogic Nutrition
Exercise Mastery
Intermittent Fasting

Fabulous Body Membership covers a wide variety of topics in the health & fitness niche

Hear What our Students Have to Say

“Your Course is so amazing! Detailed & clear! Very professional, really. I have done many before, never seen anything like yours. :)”

Gretė Brokienė

Holistic & Integrative Nutrition Coach & Mrs Lithuania Globe, 2019

“I really enjoyed the entire course because Akash breaks it down simply, and he is very straightforward with each module and lesson. I appreciate the visual content that comes with a thorough explanation of the demonstrated exercises. I highly recommend his course regardless of whether you're new to the fitness industry or are an experienced one but looking for a refresher course. He is also quite engaging with his former students and generous with tips and encouragement where needed.”

Hilary Isaac

Fitness & Health Coach

“I did two certificate courses with Akash during the lockdown: The Nutrition & the Weight loss course. It was the best gift I gave myself during the pandemic. The length and contents of the courses were perfect. The videos were easy to follow. The content is combined with relevant statistics and images. My awareness and interest in food and nutrition have grown ever since I completed these courses. I would highly recommend his courses to everyone. I would give 10/10.”

Barkha Bobita

Asana Teacher

“I really like Akash's dedication as an instructor. He has over 10 years of experience and has done a great job of informing people not to just stop at the certification but keep progressing in their career. He has taken a lot of efforts himself like posting on Quora so much that he gained a following of 8 million. I like his slow way of explaining as well as being beginner friendly. Having suffered a lot of health problems myself, I needed a slow course like this.”

Sonia Dhaliwal

Yoga Coach

“Completed 4 Certificate courses under Fabulous Body! This is an awesome learning academy for health and nutrition. I absolutely trust Akash's content because it is all science-based and science-proven. I highly recommend Fabulous Body to anyone looking to get certified in the fields of Health, Wellness, Fitness and Nutrition as Akash and his team of support has been very consistent so far in delivering good study materials and information while delivering their promised CPD certifications on schedule!”

Lim Fun

How It Works

How to Start Your Fabulous Journey With Us

Take the Self-Assessments

The first self-assessment, 'Transform,' will help you understand your current physical condition and recommend starting with one of our step-by-step programs to transform your body!

The second self-assessment, 'Upskill,' will gauge your passion and interest and will direct you towards the best certificate course you can start with.


The Welcome Guide

The Welcome Guide is a series of emails created to help you provide clarity and will structure your learning based on your unique needs & goals.

Think of it as your Personal Coach guiding you to take the best step forward and help you maximize the value you can get from your Membership!


Choose Your Course

It's time to Transform & UpSkill! The Self-assessments & the Welcome Guide will help you get started with the best course based on your unique needs.

Pursue every course mindfully by using our revolutionary L.P.A. Model. Knowledge, only when applied, becomes wisdom. The L-Learn, P-Practice, A-Apply Model Implies practising & apply what you learn.


Be Part of Our Community

Join our closed Facebook Group. Be part of a group of beautiful people and develop joyful connections. This FB Inner Circle is a safe place to post questions, share stories and successes, and ask for advice.

Habits can make or break us! Research indicates that to build any habit it takes ~21 Days. Therefore, regular 21-Day Challenges are conducted in our group to help our members reach their goal and maintain their result long term, potentially for life:)


Meet your Teacher

Akash Sehrawat


Founder, Fabulous Body

What you will learn

Transform: Build Your Fabulous Body

Transform yourself by pursuing one of our step-by-step programs. No access to the gym? No problem, our Tabata or HIIT programs will help you lose body fat effectively from the comfort of your home.

Lean PRO
Shred PRO
Muscular PRO
HIIT Training
Tabata Training
0-20 Home
The 11 day
Detox Diet
Exercise Mastery

Skinny-Fat? Our Best-Selling program LEAN will help you burn a lot of visceral fat and whip you in shape in no time! You'll also get access to 11-Day Detox to cleanse your body of environmental toxins! Essentially, we got you covered on all fronts! All you need is a strong will to change :)

Upskill: Build Your Knowledge

Most health & fitness enthusiasts who Transform- Lose fat, Build muscles and/or recover from a Chronic disease end up helping others.

Holistic Nutrition Coach Certification
Certificate in Nutrition
Certificate in Gut Health
Certificate in Sports Nutrition
Certificate in Diet Planning
Certificate in Intermittent Fasting
Certificate in Ketogenic Nutrition
Certificate in Dietary Supplements
Certificate in Yogic Nutrition
Certificate in Fitness
Certificate in Health & Wellness
Certificate in Meditation
Certificate in Mindfulness
Certificate in Weight Loss
Certificate in Yoga Training

Based on your interest and passion, you can start to UpSkill yourself by choosing from a wide range of Internationally Accredited Certificate Courses and easily graduate in just a few weeks.

Inspire: Impact the World

When you have undergone several transformations and have worked hard to upskill yourself, you have a responsibility to help & support others!

Inspire the with Your Special Gifts & Talent.

Our Students Our Success

“As a Yoga teacher, I always came across clients who needed my help with diet planning, supplement guidance, and weight loss. I started looking for courses that would help me with these things. I came across Fabulous Body by Akash Sir. I decided on two certificate courses: Dietary Supplement Advisor and Weight Loss. Both these courses benefitted me in taking my work as a Yoga and Fitness coach to the next level. Thank you!”

Sonali Dhole

Yoga & Wellness Coach

“In my 15 years career in the fitness industry, I've pursued various courses. Among them, courses by Akash were one of the most knowledgeable ones & the best part was all are easily understandable for not only coaches but also for the general public who are not associated with the fitness industry. I highly recommend pursuing Fabulous Body courses conducted by Akash. Kudos to the creator :)”

Aman Khurana

Fitness Consultant & Nutritionist

“Wow! It's an amazing experience! Easily understandable. The explanations were so clear and straight to the point. I feel that I gained greater knowledge after joining this course. It will be a great start for the beginners as well! :)”

Sruthi Ramesh

Health, Wellness & Weight Loss Expert

“High-quality content. Such a quality course and exams are very essential to improve one's knowledge. Beautifully structured with all points and workouts. Includes lots of information. Looking forward for such quality courses. Advanced fitness questions were too good and informative. Highly recommended. Thank you, Akash!”

Shilpa P. Pai

Yoga, Meditation & Fitness Expert

“Thank you for your guidance, Akash. You made it so easy for anybody to understand. I appreciate your effort of helping people live a better life. Regards, Zinia”

Zinia Morwall

Health & Wellness Expert

Fabulous Courses At Super-Affordable Prices!

Fabulous Body's Vision is to Provide Skill-Based Health & Fitness Education and Make it Affordable & Accessible to the World.

  • The Combined Value of All Courses is $3,500
  • The Combined Value of All Courses is ₹2,62,500

With Fabulous Body Membership, you get FULL ACCESS to all our Programs and Certificate Courses at just $0.63 a day!

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No Risk - Money Back Guarantee

It's very rare to find that a Certification provider giving a money back guarantee

At Fabulous Body, we take our Customer Experience very seriously! We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 15 days and we will give you a full refund.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What courses are included in the Fabulous Body Membership?

You'll get Full Access to ALL Our 25+ Courses once you become a Member. The courses include our Flagship Holistic Nutrition Coach Certification, 14 Internationally Accredited Specialty Certificate Courses, 10 Step-by-Step Transform Programs. All resources including access to final exams and certificates are included. Bottomline, once you become a Member with us, you don't have to pay extra for anything else.

How much does the Membership cost?

You can join Fabulous Body Membership for a limited time at a specially discounted price of $12.50/month billed Annually ($150/year). You can join Fabulous Body Membership for a limited time at a specially discounted price of Rs 937/month billed Annually (Rs 11,244/year). We also offer a Super-Saver 3-Year Membership option (for a limited time only). You only have to pay $8.25/month billed for 36 months ($297/3 years). You only have to pay Rs 599/month billed for 36 months (Rs 21,564/3 years +gst) Our 3-Year Membership is a Special Membership available for Health & Fitness Enthusiasts who are serious about becoming Holistic Health & Fitness Coaches.

I need some clarification. Which Membership Package should I purchase?

Please watch the Membership Comparison video (scroll down to the bottom). It'll help you make the right decision.

Will I be able to graduate from the Courses & secure a Certificate if I am not an active member?

All courses are self-paced. Which means you decide your schedule. As an estimate, if anyone devotes 3-5 hours per week, they can complete any of our specialty certificate courses in less than 4 weeks. Our in-depth Holistic Nutrition Coach Certification usually takes 8-12 weeks to graduate. You need to be an active member to give the final exam and secure your internationally accredited certificate.

How does the Membership work?

The Fabulous Body Membership will work in three easy steps. Step 1: Enroll in the Membership. Once your payment has gone through, you'll be sent instructions in your email on how to log in. Step 2: Log In to Your Dashboard. Here you will get access to all Fabulous Body Courses via the Membership. Step 3: Start by Taking the Self-Assessments & listening to the Fabulous Body Starter Course. These will help you understand your current situation and clarify how to start your health & fitness journey with us!

How is the Fabulous Body Membership better than enrolling in the courses separately?

We regularly interact with our students and try and understand their preferences, goals and interests. Based on the data of thousands of students, most of our students enroll in at least a few Fabulous Body courses. Signing up for the courses separately may result in them paying much more! With the Membership, you are just paying a small annual (or 3-Year) fee. Not only will you be able to upskill yourself over the next 12 months (or longer), but you will also transform yourself with our Step-by-Step Programs.

Can I transfer my Membership to a friend?

That won't be possible. Once you have signed up as a Member, the certificates can only be issued in your name.

How do I cancel or get a refund if I'm unsatisfied?

To Cancel Your Membership: Your Membership is set on auto-renewal. If you don't want to be charged for the next billing cycle, you can go to the billing section and click on cancel. Your Membership won't renew for the next billing cycle (either yearly or in a 3-Year cycle). However, you will have access to all the courses until the next renewal date. For Refunds: If you are not satisfied with the Membership for any reason, you can write to us at [email protected] and request a full refund within 15 days of signing up for the Membership. However, please note we won't be able to refund you if you have graduated from one of our courses and secured a certificate (including any completion certificate).

Annual Membership


$12.50/ Month


₹937/ Month

Billed Annually

  • Access to Holistic Nutrition Coach Certification
  • Access to 14 Internationally Accredited Speciality Certificate Courses
  • Access to 10 Step-by-Step Programs to help you Transform
  • Access to Any New Course(s) created as long as you are an active member
  • Full Access to All-Resources like Diet Charts, Practice Quizzes, PDF's, forms etc
  • Access to Final Exams
  • Internationally Accredited Certificates for all the Certificate Courses
  • Unlimited Pro-Support from our Expert Coaches
limited offer

3 Year Membership

Buy 2 years and Get 1 year Free


$8.25/ Month


₹599/ Month

Billed for 36 Months

  • Access to Holistic Nutrition Coach Certification
  • Access to 14 Internationally Accredited Speciality Certificate Courses
  • Access to 10 Step-by-Step Programs to help you Transform
  • Guaranteed Access to Holistic Fitness Coach Certification
  • Guaranteed Access to Personal Trainer Certification
  • Guaranteed Access to Certificate in Vegan Nutrition
  • Guaranteed Access to Certificate in Child Nutrition
  • Guaranteed Access to at least 3 New Step-by-Step Programs
  • Full Access to All-Resources like Diet Charts, Practice Quizzes, PDF's, forms etc
  • Access to Final Exams
  • Internationally Accredited Certificates for all the Certificate Courses
  • Unlimited Pro-Support from our Expert Coaches

Applicable taxes will apply to selected billing address

15-Day No Risk Money Back Guarantee

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