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Use this Macro Calculator to figure out the macro ratios for 5 different yet popular diets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Macro Calculator? How do I use it?

There are three macronutrients: Proteins, Fats & Carbohydrates. A Macro Calculator calculates the macronutrient ratio of a given diet. For example, if your daily calorie consumption is 2000 calories. You like to know the Macro ratio of a Standard Ketogenic Diet that allows only 5% calories from carbs, 25% from proteins and 70% calories from fats. This calculator will provide you the number of grams you should consume based on a 2000 calorie ketogenic diet.

How do I use this Macro Calculator?

Start by entering your daily calorie consumption. Then select the Diet that you would like to know the macro-ratio (in grams).

Which is the best diet to lose fat?

Any diet will work provided you eat in a deficit. I believe that a 20% deficit is the sweet spot when it comes to losing weight.

Which is the best diet to build muscles?

In my experience as a lean muscle coach, I am biased towards a diet with moderate to high carbohydrate intake. Carb intake of at least 20% of the total caloric intake going up to 50% is optimal. In addition to this, I believe that a 10% surplus is the sweet spot when it comes to gaining muscle. However, do note, if you are a beginner, or are far away from your genetic potential, then it is very much possible to build muscles and lose fat at the same time by being in a calorie deficit.