Lose Your Belly | Diet For Losing Belly Fat Quickly

Akash Sehrawat

3 min read | Dec 29, 2018

Q) Hey Akash, can you give me a diet for losing belly fat quickly? Thanks. Aamir.


A) Hi, Aamir. Thank you for your question. This is an excerpt from my main article. Here I will not only provide you lose your belly diet but also a schedule and lifestyle attached to it.


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Being skinny and fat is the worst condition you can be in, especially if you are an ectomorph. Here is what happened to me when I tried desperately to gain muscle but instead gain tons of body fat.



Here Are Some Of The Radical Changes I Made To My Lifestyle


1) Stop Overtraining


I reduced my workout frequency from five to six times per week to just two to three times per week, saving myself around ten hours per week.


2) Practice Intermittent Fasting


I’ve gone from eating five or six small meals daily to just two or three meals daily. This again helps me to save more time while optimizing my health. I love the concept of intermittent fasting and have been following it for the past few years now with great results.


3) Increase The Intake Of Fat Sources, Healthy Fats


This will not only allow you to feel full throughout the day but also make you optimally healthy.


4) Apply The 80/20 Rule To Eating


Eating clean has become really difficult. I always say this, “It’s not what you eat; it’s what comes your way!”


I have not let a single week pass without allowing myself a cheat meal, including heavy buffets and the occasional mug of beer, a glass of wine, or dessert. Who said you have left out your favorite foods in order to build your dream physique?


5) Be Precise With Your Macros


We like to think we are eating less, but when we actually start counting calories, do we realize how we overeat? Don’t want to count calories? There is another way, which I feel is even tougher than counting, and that is mindful eating.


Gone are those days when the entire family used to sit at a table and eat together, say grace and chew more and slowly and really really enjoy the food. Now, it’s about putting a movie on Netflix or amazon prime and just gulping down food.




Plan ahead and count your calories, at least in the short term, to know how you are actually consuming.


After following this for many, many months, I lost a crazy amount of body fat, mainly from my abdominal area. Here’s what I looked like after ~7 months or so.



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