Is Skinny Fat A Body Type?

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Dec 30, 2018

A person is Skinny Fat if he has less muscle and a high percentage of belly fat. A Skinny Fat Ectomorph has a thin skeleton frame and genetically are weaker when it comes to building muscle.


-They have thin and long necks

-Narrow shoulders, small head and chest.

-Longer hands and legs in relation to their torsos.


They have weak genetics when it comes to building muscle since most of their fat cells are located in their abdomen region. That’s why even at relatively less weight, they have a belly.


In the picture, I was not obese, but just overweight according to the BMI scale.


The keywords for us are ‘Narrow Chest and Short Clavicles.’ Basically, our upper body is not naturally broad when compared to someone who has a wider skeletal frame.


However, that does not mean that an endomorph/mesomorph cannot become Skinny Fat!


They can but to a lesser degree than Skinny Fat ectomorphs. See below.



I was a typical example of a Skinny Fat Ectomorph [The picture on the left], whereas the picture on the right is of a Skinny Fat Endomorph.


Although I had decent muscle mass, when it came to fat, genetically, most of my fat cells are located in my abdomen area. I hardly ever gain fat on my legs or hand!


Just on my face and belly- exactly where I don’t need it! 🙁


Does that mean Skinny-Fat is a condition?


I like to think so. Any body type is it, ectomorph, endomorph or even mesomorph, can become Skinny Fat [although the latter two to a lesser degree than the former one].


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