Is It A Bad Idea To Start Hitting The Gym Without A Trainer?

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Jan 3, 2019



The big question, Whether to hire a trainer or not, comes a bit later, but for a beginner, there are many other things that come to his/her mind when they plan to join a gym.


So lets me answer this question in a more holistic way. There are 3 key questions that a beginner should answer before joining any gym and/or hiring a trainer.


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What Is My Goal?


-Is it to lose fat, build muscle or just focus on general health and conditioning? Knowing what you want automatically raises your confidence.


-Weight training is no rocket science, but it is still a science. Learn it.


-I applaud all those who are reading this, as you don’t want to trust your trainers blindly.


Which Gym Should I Join?


The best way to determine which gym to join is to check out a few gyms in your locality before signing a contract with them. There are various apps and companies, like Fitpass, Classhop 1 etc, that allow you the flexibility to take trials in various gyms before making a longer commitment.


Of course, the top two reasons are usually the price and location. For me personally, the comfort factor is important as well. I would be willing to travel 10 minutes more or even pay more if I am friendly to the owner/manager of the gym. I personally like intimate places where everyone knows everyone.


The final piece of the puzzle is the equipment. Since I prefer an extensive weights area, a squat rack is mandatory, and dumbbells up to 150 lbs would definitely be a big plus.


And Lastly, The Main Question-Should I Hire A Trainer?


Usually, any decent gym provides 2-3 free induction sessions, where a personal trainer helps you get acquainted with the layout and the equipment.


My recommendation is that if you like the coach, hire him for another month or two and ask him to teach you how to perform all the key exercises and help you build a personalized training program according to your goals, needs and abilities.


Some Important Tips And Tricks That Can Help A Beginner At A Gym


If you have a budget issue


Don’t spend money on supplements but instead on a coach for at least the first few months of joining a gym.


Choose your trainer carefully.


Check whether he has any good certifications like NASM, ACE etc. Enquire about his specialty area i.e. fat loss, muscle gain etc and see whether it matches your goals. Ask for references and do call them to find out more about your trainer. And lastly, go with your gut. It usually points you in the right direction.


Convince a friend to join you


The first few months in the gym are crucial. And having your best buddy by your side when training can significantly boost your confidence and alleviate any anxiety or discomfort that you may face when going alone.


Final Thoughts


There are two and only two reasons why one may get injured.


-Insufficient warm-up


-Incorrect technique


Read this book to have a solid understanding of the exercise techniques involved. It still amazes me how most certified and experienced coaches don’t even know how to squat! 2


Good luck!

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