I Am Skinny Fat. HELP!!

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Dec 29, 2018

Q) I am Skinny Fat. The worst condition. My legs and arms are so thin, and yet my belly protrudes so much. Why? Help!


A) Hey. Please go through these posts first:


Skinny Fat Definition | What Is Skinny Fat?


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There are more comprehensive posts I have provided at the end, make sure to read them.


It’s possible to build a Lean physique if you work hard for the next 4-6 months.


The picture you sent me puts you at around 22-25% body fat. Since you don’t have the muscle mass to show either, there is a tendency to bulk!


Don’t do that! I made the same mistake and gained mostly fat. Went from 20 percent body fat to 26 percent body fat:



A Skinny-Fat Person Has Weak Muscle-building Genetics


What works for us is low-volume workouts using mainly compound lifts. Because I decided to bulk up when at 18–20%, I ballooned up and look like the picture above.


Sure, I had some muscles to show, but I had a huge belly (measuring close to 39 inches). Not good, not good at all, considering at that time I was also a health club owner. Started feeling like a hypocrite.


Anyways, over time, I completely ditched what the popular fitness advice dictated and truly listened to my body. I stopped overtraining and only worked out 3 times a week, doing a hybrid split.


I made many changes in my diet. The biggest one was to shift my eating from 5-6 meals to only 2–3 meals a day. Intermittent fasting really agreed with me.


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Most skinny-fat guys are nowhere near their genetic potential. They can build muscle, but they have to work smartly instead of simply grinding away in the gym.


If your body fat is above 15%, you should lose fat and build muscle at the same time (or at the very least retain it). Once you reach 10–12% body fat only then think about lean bulk (bulking with very less fat gain).


Dirty bulking (going crazy eating) will only give you belly fat and very little muscle.


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