How To Reduce Belly Fat

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Dec 29, 2018

Q) Akash, How To Reduce Belly Fat? Please Provide Me With Some Lifestyle Strategies. Thanks.


A) Here’s how to reduce belly fat-3 Ways:


1) Start Your Morning Well


Your willpower is limited. Consider it like a battery. You become weaker as the day progresses. Therefore it’s easier to do the ‘right’ things in the morning as opposed to in the evening. So start your morning well, and these detox drinks can help:


-Apple cider vinegar


-Matcha Tea


-Lemon juice with honey


-And lots of water


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There are a lot of people who suffer from bloating, gas and inflammation, and because of these reasons, their intestines and their insides swell up (including puffiness on their faces).


These above drinks can help. These will obviously help anyone reduce their tea/coffee intake as well, as it certainly has mine!


2) Eat A High-Protein, High-Fat Breakfast


This is also super important. Most people rely on sugar-laden cereals to do the job for them, as they are quick and take very less time to prepare, and then they top it with skimmed milk (I recommend whole milk).


But they are the worst possible option you can go for as they raise your insulin levels rapidly, causing belly fat storage.


3) Try And Balance Your Hormones – Insulin/Estrogen/Cortisol


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You might want to read the above post as it gives you guidelines on how you can balance your hormonal profile with simple yet effective tips.


Here is a comprehensive post which everything in detail on how you can lose 2–3inches off your belly in the next 21 days, but you need to follow the exact protocols as I have suggested in these long posts:


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