How Much Protein From Chicken: Breast And Whole Chicken?

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Dec 29, 2018

Protein in 100g chicken breast is more when you compare it with a whole chicken. This is simply because a breast portion is mostly protein, whereas there is a lot of fat in other parts of the chicken, like thighs and wings.


Protein In 100g Chicken Breast: 30g


Here’s what I consumed a few days back:



Chicken breast with sweet potatoes and salad (by the way, the quantity here is close to 200g, which provides 60 grams of protein)


Protein In 100g Chicken (Whole With Skin): 25g



Half Whole Roasted Chicken (with skin), rice, one-half fry, and spicy sauce)


This entire meal will provide me with over 100 g of protein (whole chicken 300 grams = 75grams, and more chicken in bowl plus one egg).


The protein content may vary from nutrition software to software, but these numbers provide a good estimate. Personally, when given a choice, I usually go with the whole roasted chicken with the skin.


The fat in the chicken is largely mono-unsaturated fats, saturated fats (I am very fond of this type), and some polyunsaturated fats.


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