How Do I Get A Male Model Body In 4 Easy Steps?

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Dec 30, 2018



Follow these easy steps to build a male model body:


Step 1: Be Specific


Clarity precedes Mastery” ~ Robin Sharma.


Do we really know how much muscle we need to gain to have a pleasing look? What should be our proportions, and so on and so forth? Building a model physique requires intelligent application when designing one’s workout routine.


Please note we all vary genetically, muscle fiber type, muscle insertions, bone structure, body type [ecto, meso, endo] etc.


Step 2: Drop Your Body Fat To Less Than 15%


Do this first. Drop your body fat to less than 15 percent, ideally around 10-12 percent.


After having surveyed more than 1000 gym members at my health club, I came to the conclusion that more than 95 percent of men have body fat in the range of 20–22% (the results will obviously be different for people living in the western world).


So the first thing you can do is lower your body fat while conserving your lean mass as much as possible.


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Step 3: Figure Out Your Sexy Weight Range


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Step 4: Calculate Your Proportions


While it’s impossible to be 100 percent accurate when using these formulas as people vary so much in genetically determined factors like height, body types, muscle insertion points and bone structures (small, medium or heavy). But they give us something specific to work with.


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Most recreational weight lifters in the gym focus on their mirror muscle—chest and arms, and overdevelop them as compared to the rest of their bodies.


For example, if your chest is overdeveloped, your shoulders will look small. If you have overdeveloped traps, again, your shoulders will look rounded and deter you from the squared shoulder look that is the epitome of male models.


This is also one of the biggest differences between bodybuilders and fitness models. An underdeveloped lower body is also very common and results in looking really stupid.


And lastly, if you put on extra muscle and go well outside of your sexy weight range, you will never be able to look like a male model. Focusing on proportions is the key and not mass per se.


Therefore, I highly urge you to have a plan, punch out some numbers, and design your workout plan according to your body type, lagging body parts etc.

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