5 Health And Fitness ‘Secrets’ You Probably Don’t Know About

Akash Sehrawat

6 min read | Dec 28, 2016

There are people who are working less harder than you and are achieving 10x more results. They know something that you probably don’t. What is their secret?


I feel these so-called ‘secrets’ were simple truths that are now buried under all the fluff you find in conventional sources (magazines, trainers, majority of websites, fad diet books etc). Think of these sources as being like our 24/7 news channels.


There isn’t much solid content to show on the news for just a few hours a day, let alone 24/7, but the news channels need to show something. So what do they do? They dramatize the smallest thing and show them repeatedly with a twist to keep things interesting.


Don’t follow the masses. Stop doing what everyone is doing. It will not get you anywhere.


Now, let’s start with the Top 5 secrets that I feel are keeping you away from achieving good health and the fabulous body that you so deserve. Here we go.


1) You Need 3-6 Hours Maximum A Week To Build An Awesome Physique And Optimize Your Gene Expression


Do you think your ancestors (hunter/gatherers) use to jog their way to good health? Note that I always come back to our ancestors for guidance. Know that our genetics was built 2.5 million years ago.


With the recent mega-success of paleo diets, which mimic the diets of ancient hunter-gatherers, researchers are turning to a similar concept in fitness and suggesting a fitness routine similar to the physical activity our ancestors engaged in.


If you think about their lifestyle back then, you’ll see that our ancestors were either doing short bursts of high-intensity activities (like saving themselves from wild animals or even hunting one) or low-intensity activities for a long period of time, like walking to find shelter or something like that.


So forget about doing long, boring, moderate-intensity cardio workouts, and perform activities you are genetically suited for! It disheartens me to see most people in the gym slogging on cardio machines for hours and hours!


Is it a coincidence that muscle and bodybuilding magazines hardly discuss the golden era of bodybuilding (the 1940s, 1950s ), where people use to train only 2-3 times a week using full body routines with no supplement use and use to look like this?



I have suffered from conventional wisdom for nearly 10 years doing high-volume split routines, including drop sets, supersets, and forced sets, with little results. This was me in 2012 after putting in 10 years of consistent work in the gym.



I didn’t give up and found better and smarter ways of doing things. Slowly and steadily, I started to uncover the secrets and build a better-looking and healthier physique, and this is my current physique.



Anyways, in the last few years, I created a training system called FBX ( Fabulous Body Training System ). FBX workout routines are a hybrid between full-body and conventional split routines.


You only need to work out three times a week (sometimes even two times will be enough) using mainly compound exercises with minimal use of isolated exercises.


FBX takes into account the lifestyle of hunters/gatherers, the latest guidelines from ACSM ( American College of Sports Medicine ) and combines with principles and wisdom from the ‘Golden Age of Bodybuilding.’


FBX will not only allow you to build a good-looking, toned physique but will also make you healthy and functional at the same time. Read 6 awesome benefits of FBX over other conventional routines.


I have also listed 15+ FBX workouts in my FREE ebook, which are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. They are further subdivided into FBX-Cut and FBX-Gain. You can subscribe to my newsletter to get this book and much more!


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2) You Don’t Need To Eat 5 To 6 Smaller Meals A Day To Stay Fit And Lean


There are individuals I know of who can follow this meal pattern of eating 5-8 smaller meals a day consistently for a very long (I was one of them). I applaud their dedication and commitment, but is it practical for fathers, husbands, entrepreneurs, and working professionals like you and me?


I highly doubt it! I strongly advise against it. Eating needs to be flexible, fun and an enjoyable way to nourish your body. Read more about this eating pattern here.


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I think eating smaller meals is probably a strategy orchestrated by supplement companies. They want you to eat 3 meals and supplement the rest with their expensive protein shakes! 2-3 servings of shakes every day would mean more profits for these companies.


Do you think Greeks and Romans used to eat 5-6 smaller meals a day to keep fit? Let’s go back in time even further- Do you think hunter/gathers were eating every few hours? Of course not! Yet there were never obese!


3) Saturated Fat Is Good For You


This is probably one of the biggest ‘ secrets’ hidden from you for the past four decades. It all started with Ancel Keys and the Seven Countries Study. Keys launched the Seven Countries Study in 1958 to research the relationship between dietary patterns and the prevalence of coronary heart disease. 1https://deniseminger.com/2011/12/22/the-truth-about-ancel-keys-weve-all-got-it-wrong/


He uncovered a direct link between heart disease from high serum cholesterol and saturated fat intake. However, the study was seriously flawed; Keys started out with data from 22 countries and omitted the data from countries that didn’t fit with his hypothesis!


For the last four decades, because of him and his deceptive study, we have been eating cereals with skim milk instead of whole egg omelet made in butter!! (Note: Butter is referred to as ‘white makkan,’ which is derived from milk in the United States.


Whereas in India, butter is the term used for margarine (loaded with trans-fat, the worst kind of fat anyone can eat)


In 2010, a meta-analysis involving more than 300,000 individuals found no significant evidence that dietary saturated fat is associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease or cardiovascular disease. 2https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2824152/


People, saturated fats are protective! Ditch the cheap, processed vegetable oils like sunflower, rice bran, and soy oil that are causing your great health harm, and instead adopt these natural fats like desi ghee, extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil, mustard and extra-virgin olive oil for good health.


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4) Supplement Doesn’t Build Bodies


There is nothing more anabolic and healthy than homemade nutritious food. Supplements, as the word suggests, can only provide the extra nutrients that is missing from your food (due to food processing, mass-scale production, high-flame cooking etc).


But they can never ever replace your diet. I consume limited supplements on daily basis, along with a balanced and nutritious diet. Keep in mind there are very limited companies that make good supplements.


If you consume whey proteins, do check out my post on how to choose the right protein supplements for your needs.


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5) Moderate Exposure To The Sun Is Good For You, Contrary To What The Sunscreen Lotion Companies Say


Consider these facts: More than a billion people worldwide are Vitamin D deficient or insufficient, meaning that their blood levels of this important nutrient are less than 20 mg/dl and levels between 20mg/dl and 29mg/dl, respectively.


Vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency is the most common medical condition in the world, with sometimes devastating, even fatal, consequences. These are not my words but the words of Dr. Michael F Holick, a pioneer of groundbreaking studies in Vitamin D deficiency.


Contrary to popular wisdom, he says, Vitamin D isn’t just for bone health. It is actually a hormone that plays a central role in metabolism and also in muscle, cardiac, immune, and neurological functions, as well as in the regulation of inflammation.


Dr. Holick further adds that we have been brainwashed into thinking that exposure to sunlight is bad. This is both unfortunate and untrue. There is no substantiated scientific evidence to suggest that moderate sun exposure significantly increases the risk of cancer, even the most deadly form of skin cancer, melanoma.


I strongly urge you to get your levels checked today and take your Vitamin D levels in the optimal range. Read my article on Vitamin D to know more.


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Takeaway Message


Don’t blindly trust people, governments, and non-profit institutions. Questions everything and everyone, even me.


All this knowledge that I share on fabulousbody.com is subjective and is my opinion. I experiment a lot and read tons of scientific data and studies to understand the most effective ways of building a physique that not only looks good but is also optimally healthy.


In the last decade or so, I have consulted thousands of people, and hundreds have gotten results using my programs and books. Science is changing almost every day. I keep updating myself with the latest information and therefore provide you with evidence-based knowledge.


I also walk my talk. If I am discussing a concept, a product or a service, be assured I have tried it long enough to know its value, both in terms of cost and quality. I will never recommend you anything just for monetary gains.


I would love to hear your views on anything that you find interesting in this post. Let me know in the comments below!

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prakash chandra jain
prakash chandra jain
2 years ago

Akash I appreciate your dedicated efforts. I have completed diploma in nutrition, dietary supplement advisor, gut health and now on progress weight loss and one more kito diet.
I am retired executive Engineer ( taken vrs at 54 yr in July 2018)
My self and my wife gain 7 kg in just 4 months of first lockdown in india, this horrible gain inspired me to study science behind weight gain/loss. I started reading books available with attractive titles but not satisfied then I have checked icmr and nin Hyderabad publication guide to nutrition really worth to study I have totally changed my eating habits life style. It’s wonderful to note both of us again loose 7 kg in 4 months. I am lucky to search you and your course on fitness composed nicely.
Thanks & Regards

Kunal Arora
Kunal Arora
Reply to  prakash chandra jain
2 years ago

Hi Prakash,

We are very happy to know that the course proved valuable for you.

We understand where you’re coming from and how it feels to lose the extra weight.

Congratulations on your transformation and thank you for your kind words!

Team Fabulous Body

2 years ago

I love to read your articles, they are very informative, I learn a lot from you. I am hoping to take more courses on nutrition, diet, fitness from you. I am actually a health/nutrition coach.
Thank you again for sharing.

Kunal Arora
Kunal Arora
Reply to  Anonymous
2 years ago

Hi Maryleen,

We are happy to know that you liked the content.

It is fabulous to hear from another coach.

Good luck for your future endeavors!

Team Fabulous Body