Fitness For Beginners: Complete Workout Plan Mastery

Akash Sehrawat

< 1 min read | Jul 29, 2017

There are times when you are motivated; you have the will to work out but don’t know how to start or how to proceed.


To help you out, I have created a free course, The FBX Training.


Learn how to create your own training & exercise routines that optimize your gene expression and alter your body composition with this course. (Link at the bottom of this page)


Forget fish oil and sudoku. It’s exercise that makes you brainier. ~Dr. John J. Ratey


Regular exercise isn’t just good for your body.. it can also dramatically improve your,




-Boost learning capabilities


-Reduce stress levels, ward off depression and anxiety


-Smoothen out Hormonal Fluctuations


-Reverse signs of aging


-Blurb by Daily Mail on Dr. John J. Ratey’s Book ‘Spark’


Yet we have engineered exercise right out of our lifestyle with automation and technology!


This Course Is For You


-If you are a beginner at exercising and working-out


-If you are intermediate but have not exercised in a long time


-Can’t seem to summon up enough motivation or will-power to start a fitness regime


-Want to start…. but you are confused and overwhelmed with the plethora of exercise options available today.


In this course, I will completely ‘Decode’ Exercise and Training for You.


So that there is no confusion…..only clarity. 🙂


As Robin Sharma states, “Clarity Precedes Mastery.”


This Free course will make you a ‘Master in designing your own Exercise Routine.’


Based On Your Exercise Goals, You Will Understand And Learn The Following


-How many hours should you workout per week


-How many times a week should you workout


-Whether to do Steady-State Cardio or HIIT….


-How to select your gym based on some key criteria.


-How to perform 9-Important Exercises correctly using the Key Checkpoints System


-How to breathe correctly while doing the movements


And much more! Click below to enroll!


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