Should I Eat The Same Food Every Day?

Akash Sehrawat

4 min read | Nov 26, 2016

I have been cooking my own meals for more than 15 years now. The day I left for England to pursue my under graduation was the day I realized that in order to survive, I had to learn to cook.


And so I did. I started with boiling eggs. And then I shifted to boiling Pasta. Haha. Ok, I eventually graduated into cooking scrambled and omelets too! Here are some of my creations.




And I agree that not many cooking skills are required for these dishes, and instead, only a desire to visit the grocery store (at least once every week) and spending time in the kitchen are the most important elements to make these meals happen.


So Should I Eat The Same Foods Every Day?


Let’s find out. Here are some benefits that can accrue when you eat almost the same foods every day.


1) Eating The Same Foods Every Day Can Make Counting Your Macros Easy


If you are like me, whose main goal is body re-composition, i.e., build muscle and lose fat, you must realize by now that counting macros is by far one of the most important aspects of getting great results. And eating the same foods every day makes it pretty simple to do so.



If you are a vegetarian, like me (I eat chicken and fish in only a few meals a week), your core ingredient list will look like this.


Whole eggs- 300 calories

Whole cow’s milk- 600 calories

Whole wheat bread- 200 calories

Coconut oil/Olive Oil/Desi ghee- 400 calories

Almonds/Walnuts- 200 calories

Fruits- 100 calories

Brown Rice/Pasta- 300 calories

Lentils/Beans- 300 calories

Others (Honey, Vegetables, Cookie, Cheese etc.)- 200 calories


Total calories come to about 2600.


If I am cutting, I will exclude some items from the list, and if I am gaining, I will increase the portion size to ensure I eat slightly above my TDEE.


Related Article: TDEE Definition: Total Daily Energy Expenditure


I think the question should be reframed should I eat the same meals (rather than foods) every day?


There are a few ways to make your eggs. You can scramble it one day, boil it the other, or make a nice cheesy omelet the third. You can eat it with avocados, bread, or even chapatis if you want! Similarly, there are various permutations and combinations you can apply to the list I have provided above.


2) Eating The Same Foods Can Save Time And Money


When you know you will eat eggs almost every day, all you need to do is get a pack of about a few dozen eggs from the grocery store, and you are sorted!


But if you decide to eat pancakes on Monday, banana foster parfait on Tuesday, and oatmeal with honey and cinnamon on Wednesday, good luck buying, stocking and then re-stocking a long list of ingredients!


We all know that most bodybuilders cook their meat and potatoes on Sundays for the entire week! Personally, I won’t go to such extremes, but cooking enough meat that lasts up to three meals can suffice.


This can save you a lot of time and effort unless you are living with your mother. Gosh, I miss those days 🙂


3) Eating The Same Foods Every Day Can Free Up Your Willpower


Willpower is an important resource for me. I seriously don’t want to spend a lot of time deciding exactly what I will eat every day and then count my macros to ensure I stay within my target.


There are 21 meals you can eat in a week (if I assume a person eats about three times a day).


So grocery shopping, counting macros, and finding ways to prepare them, especially if you decide to eat different combinations of meal plans,s almost every day, would require some serious planning and a lot of many hours!


Honestly, if given a choice, I would rather not cook and use that time to ‘change the world.’


4) There, I Said It. The Answer To This Question For Me Concludes This Way


If I have the money, I will hire a chef who can do everything about food, buy local organic produce, cook meals based on my macros (mostly low carb, moderate protein and high fats), and prepare meals to suit my palate.


She will also ensure to include just enough variety (I am not a foodie) in my meals which, besides ensuring that I ingest all the nutrients and phytonutrients, I don’t get bored! Enough Said.


Hey, wait! What about food allergies/intolerance from eating the same food every day?


Oh, I almost forgot! My dad is lactose intolerant, even though our ancestors come from North India, where we can drink milk-like water.


Did you know that eggs, milk, peanuts, and shellfish are a few food items that cause up to 90 percent of food allergies?


Being lactose intolerant would mean that your body cannot produce lactase, an enzyme needed to digest lactose (the sugar found in milk). Therefore when my dad drinks milk, his body is unable to tolerate it.


I still drink almost a liter a day since I was a child. Am I not scared that I will also become lactose intolerant like my dad? Well, I am not scared, but I do sometimes think about it, and therefore I try and cycle around my eggs and milk intake once in a while.


But one thing I ensure is the quality of these food products is top-notch.


I opt for grass-fed raw cow’s milk and not what you find in your local grocery stores—pasteurized and homogenized (I have wanted to write an article about the diary and whether it’s good or bad for you, so stay tuned).


I want to conclude this article with wise words from Dr. Andrew Weil,


“I encourage you to vary your diet – include as much fresh food as possible, minimize your consumption of processed foods and fast food and eat lots of fruits and vegetables.”


Finally, I suggest you input all the food items that you eat in this free software called Cronometer and see for yourself whether your food choices contain all the nutrients (especially essential fatty acids, fiber, vitamins and trace minerals) that your body requires on an everyday basis. 1

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