Best Workout Plans |Amazing Workout Plans That Work

In order for a workout plan to work, it needs to be customized according to your body type, goals and abilities. 

Needless to say, if you have a lower back issue, squats and deadlifts should be avoided. Similarly, if you are a skinny fat person with poor genetics to build muscle, a split workout plan with high volume will do more harm than good. 

Instead, what a skinny fat person should focus on is a low-moderate workout plan with mostly compound lifts and only 2-3 workout sessions a week. 

A lot goes into creating a workout plan that’s amazing, but in this post, let me give you a brief overview. 

If you have read my blog, you must be aware of the FBX Training System. I like systems, frameworks, with a set of guidelines and core principles that one should adhere to for best results. 

Let’s understand three core principles to create amazing workout plans that work.

Core Principle No # 1: Ensure that the volume of every muscle group is within the volume continuum 

I have explained Workout Volume in detail in this article. Based on research and my obsessive research, here is the volume table for both major and minor muscle groups per week:

Core Principle No # 2: Number of Reps for each set

I am assuming you want a fabbody. Probably that’s why you are reading this post. To put in simple words a fabbody is all about building lean muscle and shedding body fat. I won’t go into specific which I have covered in this comprehensive post:

How to build an Ideal Male Physique 

And so, science says that if you need to build muscle you need to stick within the rep range of 5—12 for best results. Now, this range is also pretty large and that’s why I have divided FBX workouts into FBX-Cut & FBX-Gain. 


How many reps?

Core Principle No # 3: Exercise Selection

Free weight over machines and compound exercise over isolation exercises. You cannot build a strong and functional physique by doing machine curls or using a smith machine for most of your movements. 

I have explained the basic science behind this in the articles linked up above, make sure to have a look. 

So here we go, ‘three’ core principles to make your workouts amazing and work for you!

Let me know if you have any questions. 


Good Workout Plans To Build Muscle |Free Workout Plans For Men

Good workout plans to build muscle will have the following criteria’s:

-The number of reps will be limited in the range of 5—10. Read the scienc-y part below. 

-70-90% of exercises will be compound and not isolation. 

-Free weights like barbells and dumbbells should be prioritized. Find out why

To build muscles you need to lift weights between 70 – 85 percent of your 1 rep max, which creates the greatest hypertrophy (a fancy term used when referring to muscle size).

A meta-analysis of 140 studies was done in 2003 in relation to strength training, and the researchers concluded that “training with a mean intensity of 60 percent (15 reps) of one repetition maximum elicits maximal gains in untrained individuals, whereas 80 percent (6 – 7 reps) is most effective in those who are trained.”  

Now, some fitness experts swear by the low rep range (3 – 5), whereas others advocate a more moderate range (7 – 12). Which is the best for optimal hypertrophy? 

To answer this question, we need to figure out what exactly muscle hypertrophy is and what types exist.

Muscle hypertrophy is an increase in the size of skeletal muscles.

Hypertrophy is of two types:

-Myofibrillar hypertrophy

-Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy

Read more about muscle hypertrophy here

Besides a specific rep range and prioritizing compound exercises, one should also be wary of the total volume performed for each muscle group per week. 

This depends largely on one’s training level. For a beginner, the training volume will be less and as they get more advanced the volume which is sets* reps will increase. 


Workout volume

Here are two free workout plans for men to build muscle:

FBX Gain Intermediate Level-2:

Workout Frequency: 3 times/week.

WORKOUT A: Shoulders/Legs

good workout plans to build muscle

WORKOUT B: Chest/Back/Arms:

free workout plans for men

Intense Muscle Building Workout Plans 

Most people think that an intense muscle building workout plan will require a person to be in the gym for 2 hours every day 6 times a week, hitting every muscle group from different angles!

Well, this is an approach taken by bodybuilders to build their physique. 

Take advice from any bodybuilder and a 30 set/week per muscle group is what they will recommend. Just take a look at what Arnold Schwarzneggar recommends in his book ‘Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding’.

Don’t get me wrong. I admire Arnold. But more for this determination and work ethic rather than his advice on bodybuilding.

A bodybuilder with amazing genetics coupled with a high dosage of steroid use will have no problem grinding out 30 sets or more per muscle group per week and even train twice a day!

You and me, we have average genetics and are natural athletes. 

Only a low-moderate volume approach will work on us! Period!

You cannot have it another way. 

You will be required to stimulate your muscles hard with an intensity level of 80-85% (roughly equates to 5-7 reps) most time of the year, with key compound movements like trap bar deadlifts, squats, overhead and incline presses and with weighted dips and pull-ups. 

The training frequency that will work best for you is 3 times a week.

More important is the total volume and in my knowledge going above 12 sets for a major muscle group is pushing it above limits!


Workout Volume 

Here is a sample muscle building workout plan:

FBX-Gain Advanced Level-1:

WORKOUT A: Shoulders+ Legs

intense muscle building workout plan


3 Day Split Workout Routine For Mass

I love a 3 day weekly splits:)

This workout frequency is ideal for natural athletes like you and me. 

You see when you are trying to build mass, it happens in two steps. First, you need to stimulate your muscles with weightlifting. And the second step where most people falter is rest and nutrition. 

Keeping nutrition aside for the sake of keeping this topic on hand in focus, most gym trainees train too often and with too much workout volume (sets* reps). And then they wonder why they are not growing. 

Progressive overload is the key principle when it comes to muscle building. And the way to overload is by getting stronger in a moderate rep range i.e. 5 to 10 reps for each set. 

The rep range of [5—10] roughly equates to lifting weights at 75 to 85% of your 1 Rep Max which creates enough muscular tension to trigger muscular growth.

Lastly, compound exercises like squats, trap bar deadlifts, overhead presses should be the breadwinner for every workout routine to build mass or lose fat. 

When you combine all the facts that I just mentioned, it’s not an easy task to progressively overload on these key compound movements if you go to the gym almost every day!

You need rest, at least 48 hours in between workout sessions. You see, with weights, you are not just training your muscular system but also your CNS (central nervous system) and it takes longer for the latter to recover. 

3 days is a perfect way to weight train for the majority of people. If you prefer going to the gym every day because its something that you look forward to every day, well, try and focus on other activities like Yoga, cardio or HIIT training. 

Your weekly routine can look something like this:

MON-WED-FRI: Weights


SAT: Yoga [Optional]

Here is a sample FBX Workout Routine for mass:

3 day split workout
3 day split workout routine for mass

Workout [A] is Shoulders/Thighs/Calves: In purple

Workout [B] is Chest/Back/Arms: In Grey

Each workout will be performed every 4-5 days. Here’s how YOUR month will look like* :

best workout split

* Alternatively one can perform their workouts on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

2 Day Split Workout Routine

2 day split workout routines are reserved for two kind of people:

Hardgainers/Ectomorphs. It’s a general truth that all hardgainers are ectomorphs but not always necessary that all ectomorphs are hard gainers.

People extremely pressed for time. Some people may question this! You’ll be like Akash, all successful people workout everyday and so on.

Alright, I know this, and I support the idea of daily movement, as in the end working out and exercising is a habit.

But what I am referring here is going to the gym two times a week. I feel its a complete ordeal going to the gym. Given today’s traffic condition, and getting ready and coming back, its a process that takes time, 3 hours or more each time, would you agree?

On the other hand, I love HIIT Workout routines, that can be done easily from the comfort of your home in less than 20 minutes. All it requires is some discipline and scheduling (I recommend it as soon as you wake up in the morning). 

So, coming back to the topic at hand, the best 2 day split is a Full Body workout routine. 

I believe in Full Body workouts, especially for beginners or people who haven’t worked out in a long time and want to get back to their training. Here are some sample beginners workout routines

Most people complain that full body workout routines are long and can take more than 2 or even 3 hours to complete. I agree, but not completely. 

You see in order to get results, a good workout plan should satisfy the following criteria’s:

The total volume should lie in the recommended rep range for major and minor muscle groups, as discussed in this article:

Weight Training Volume

Then the rep range should be either [5—7] or [8—10]. Find out why

The intensity at which you should workout i.e. the amount of weight you lift is related to the rep range and is discussed in the above-linked article. 

Lastly, you need to be wise when selecting the right type of exercises

If you fill up your full body workouts with tons of isolation movements, then obviously your workouts will be super-long. 

But what if you become a smart ass and kill 3 birds with one stone!!!

You know what I am coming to. 

Compound movements:)

A beginners workout should only comprise compound lifts. Here are some sample beginners workout routines

Once you have a year or two of experience, you can start to include some isolation exercises into the mix. Even then, full body routines won’t take more than 60-90 minutes, depending on how long your rest intervals are and the rep range you follow and obviously the total volume you do. 

Read this article to understand the total volume continuum. 

The workouts that I have listed here are FBX Workouts [2 times a week]. They should not take more than 90 minutes and can be performed either on a Monday and Friday or Tuesday and Saturday. 

Note: Its best to spread out your workouts, to enable full recovering before each workout. 

Intermediate FBX-CUT, Level-1, Full Body Workout Routine:

2 day split workout routine

Intermediate FBX-GAIN, Level-1, Full Body Workout Routine:

2 day split workout

Best Training Split Program

Best training split program is a program that is customized just for YOU

I have a personal coaching program where I charge hundreds of dollars and hours of my personal time to do just that for you. 

My mission has always been simple:

To reach out to the maximum number of people in my lifestyle.


However, when the number that I am targeting are millions, then the service and cost that I offer for my courses and programs need to be affordable and of high value. 

I wish I can reduce my personal coaching price, but I cannot as it involves a lot of my personal time, which honestly I rather use to create valuable content like this article, courses and much more!

So, this is the next best alternative—Understand the science behind create amazing workouts plans for your goals, needs and abilities. Keep reading and researching.

I love to write and will keep on adding tons of free content on workout routines, program design, fundamentals concepts related to muscle building and fat loss. 

Coming back to the topic at hand: What are the key factors that you need to think about when you think customization?

  • Your training level

Click here to get your:

Beginners Workout Plans [0-6 months of consistent training]

Intermediate Workout Plans [6 months to 2 years of consistent training]

Advanced Workout Plans [2 years+ of consistent training]

  • Your sex: Male or Female

95% of protocols for men and women are the same. However, there are some differences and that’s why I have created a separate workout plan for females. 

FBX Workout Plan for Women 

  • Your medical history 

Any injuries? Any knee/back surgeries you are recovering from? Lower back pain or shoulder impingement perhaps? The thumb rule is this:

Just consult your doctor before embarking on any new fitness routine. Just be sure that your doctor has given a ‘go-ahead’ for you to perform all movements. 

Another thing is to be self-aware and listen to your body. 

Does your knee pains when squatting? Is it a one-off thing, or it happens regularly?

You see, soreness is one thing, but constant pain is another. Maybe there is a need for soft-tissue work that will probably help alleviate your pain. Maybe you need to work on static stretches to correct muscle imbalances. Or maybe you just need to recover and rest for few weeks till the pain resides. 

-Your goals: Muscle building? Fat Loss? General health. 

If you are looking to build lean muscle, the best way is obviously to weight train. Some people who have little desire for muscles can simply go for HIIT training which can provide good benefits like growth hormone boosts and other fitness adaptations in little time. 

Same thing with fat loss. Weight training is a very efficient way to lose fat too. You can read about 14 amazing benefits of weight training here

You can look more into:

FBX Gain: The Ultimate Muscle Building Workout Routine 

FBX Cut: The Ultimate Fat Loss Workout Routine 

Note: FBX-Gain can also be used during a cutting phase, as in the end, losing weight or building muscle is heavily dependent on how many calories you are eating based on your TDEE.

And FBX-Gain tells you to be in the [5—7] range which I believe is the best rep range to progressively overload and that my friend is the number one way to build muscle and lose fat!

Best 4 Day Split Workout For Mass And Strength

If you know my work, you must be aware that I strongly recommend working out only 3 times a week! In this article, I cover the reasoning and most of it is related to lifestyle challenges that we face today. 

Do note, the most important factors when it comes to building muscle and losing fat is the workout volume per week and the intensity at which you train and NOT workout frequency. 

This is good news for people who are kind of addicted to going to the gym almost everyday of the week! [No pun intended].

I get it guys. Going to the gym is fun. Gyms are not just a place to workout, but a place to socialize as well. In fact, you really look forward to meeting your training partner after a long day at work and working out with them and then catching up over a tall glass of protein shake. 

However, FBX workouts are quite versatile and there are few ways you can modify FBX workouts to suit your needs.

Well, there are many options to choose from if you like going to gym, say from Monday to Friday. 

You can stick with weight training: Monday, Wednesday and Friday and reserve Tuesday, Thursday for cardio/HIIT or even a session of Hatha Yoga. 

But, if you prefer weight training, 4 times a week, or even 5 times a week (coming next), then read on….

You’ll be happy to know, that in my advanced diploma in fitness (yes, I provide these too), I discuss in depth FBX workout modifications, periodization, how to progress with weights and much more. 

Here is a FBX modification of the workout routine I provided above:

As you can clearly see that everything is almost the same, but in the modified version of FBX workout routines, I have moved legs on a weekend. This can be possible when a trainee feels tired on a Friday and unable to do more than a body part i.e. both shoulders and legs.

So he just focuses on training his Shoulders on a Friday and shifts his leg training on the weekend either a Saturday or Sunday. 

Another modification of FBX Workouts can be made when training chest, back and arms. Usually, I don’t give too much volume for arms and few sets for each biceps and triceps are good enough for them to grow. 

However, from time to time, you feel like increasing the arms volume and really going in for arm annihilation (hell…yeah), then you can simply train your Chest and Back on Friday and reserve your arm training on the weekend!

So there you go, the best [FBX] workout to gain mass and strength.

Finally do note, that when it comes to modifying FBX workouts to 5 times a week, I draw the line. Absolutely not! Then it’s not FBX!!

Workout Routine for Beginners

Q. Hey, what is the best workout routines for beginners? Thanks Sam

A. Hey Sam. Thanks for your query.

Any beginner who joins a gym should focus on Full Body Workouts and train no more than 3 times a week. Find out why.

These full body workout routine for beginners will comprise of:

Compound Movements only: Idea is to expend all your energy in learning these functional compound movements that will not only help you build an amazing physique (no great bodies are built without compound movements like squats/deadlifts) but also build real-life functional strength. 


The Best Exercise Selection for Every Muscle Group

Use of free weights—Dumbbells and/or Barbells. Muscles in real life function in 3 planes of motion—Sagittal plane, Frontal Plane and Transverse Plane.

You will like this article where I discuss at length why you should always choose free weights over machines. Hey, I am not completely against machines, and I have provided options to choose from for every muscle group. 

Limited Volume (sets*reps) for each muscle group. Volume for beginners should be kept at the lower end of the volume continuum I discuss in this post. The focus is only on 1-2 sets of compound movements for major muscle groups and getting the technique and feel of each exercise right before progressing with weights and supplementary movements.

The training intensity will be no more than 70% of 1 Rep Max. To understand the relationship between the amount of weight lifted and the number of reps, you can read this post.

But for now, just know that heavier the weight you try to lift, the lower the number of reps you would be able to perform for that given set. 

And now Full Body Beginners Workout Routines that satisfy all the above criteria’s:

Phase 1: 0-3 months:

workout routine for beginners

Phase 2: 3-6 months:

beginner workouts

What is a good workout plan?

A good workout plan will have the following criteria’s:


-The number of reps will be limited in the range of 5—10. Ideally, its best to cycle between [5–7] reps and [8–10] throughout the year.


-70-90% of exercises will be compound in nature. Isolation exercises are also important but never be the priority.


-Free weights like barbells and dumbbells should be prioritized.


I strongly believe working out 3 times a week is the ideal frequency. It’s an enjoyable and sustainable way to workout and most importantly its very effective.

Although, the most important aspects of a workout routine are the exercise selection and the total weekly volume (sets*reps) you do for each muscle group per week.

For example, for a major muscle group like chest, the weekly volume should lie between 60–120 reps per week.

Now, 60–120 reps is also a huge range and that’s where periodization will come into the picture.

You guessed it right!

As a beginner you will start with a low volume and move up on the volume continuum as you progress into becoming an intermediate and then finally an advanced trainee.

So let’s say you are intermediate, and you do 90 reps for chest muscle each week.

So it will make little difference whether you do these 90 reps in one chest session, two or even three chest workouts a week as long as you do 90 reps.

Now, there is some science that says that training your muscle group more frequently i.e. twice or even thrice weekly is better than training it once a week.

For example,

If you do an upper body and lower body split where you train your entire body twice a week:

Mon: Upper Body

Tue: Lower Body

Wed: OFF

Thu: Upper Body

Fri: Lower Body

Sat/Sun: OFF

then, you are training your chest muscle on Mon & Thu & so you divide 90 reps into 45 reps each session.

And if you are doing a bro-split where you are on a one-body-part-a-day split, then you can do 90 reps in just a single chest session say on Monday.

Ideally, a beginner should workout 3 times a week doing full body workouts (comprising mainly compound exercises).


Gym Workout Routine for Beginners

Whereas, an intermediate/advanced should enter into a split workout, as the total volume for each muscle group will increase.

Here is a sample FBX Intermediate workout routine:

FBX Gain Intermediate Level-2:

Workout Frequency: 3 times/week.

WORKOUT A: Shoulders/Legs

WORKOUT B: Chest/Back/Arms

Need all FBX workouts for all levels. Check out this free course.