What one dish could you eat everyday?


This is a 4 whole egg omelette made by ME:) and I eat it at least 5 times a week for the past 10 years now.

Its ingredients are:

2 Tbs Spoon Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

250grams sautéed veggies

10gm cheddar

1 Medium Avacado

250ml raw Yogurt (optional)

I sometimes add a slice or two of whole wheat bread, especially on my workout days.

This results in approximately 1000 calories and its almost 50% of my calorie intake.

The ingredients are easily available plus it only takes me about 20 min to prepare and cook.

Eggs are one of the healthiest food on the planet.

Are you worried about the cholesterol? Don’t be. Dietary cholesterol plays a very minor role in increasing your total cholesterol levels.

I highly recommend reading thisarticle to know everything you need to know about cholesterol.

Which fruit is most healthy?

Coconut is mostly saturated fatty acid( mainly lauric acid) which is antimicrobial antiviral, antibacterial, and antiprotozoal and can kill pathogens like bacteria, viruses and fungi.

In the past few years, I have managed to increase my consumption from coconut oil (cold pressed) to about few hundred calories. Honestly, I didn’t like the taste, but its wonderful properties I have come to like it, and now I absolutely love it!

Blueberries:Has the highest antioxidant capacities amongst all fruits! Its very low in sugar, high in fibre. I usually add them in my smoothies. Raspberries, strawberries are all part of this same family!

What are some little things I can change in my lifestyle to lead a healthier life?

Get a standing desk!

chronic sitting pic 3

Chronic sitting is a real threatand has the same mortality rate as smoking according to this study.

According to Tom Rath best selling author of ‘Eat Move Sleep’ which as sold more than six million copies:

Sitting for more than six hours greatly increases your risk of an early death. No matter how much you exercise, eat well, avoid smoking, excessive sitting will cause problems.

As soon as you sit down, electrical activity in your leg muscle shuts off! Enzyme production, which helps break down body fat, drops by 90 percent.

After two hours of sitting, your good cholesterol drops by 20%.

Further more, there are positive associations between cancer risk and sedentary behaviour.

More and more companies have started to adopt the sit-stand lifestyle, by including standing desk in their offices.

Its also a great idea to buy a fitness band and aim to clock in more than 5,000 steps (less than this number is considered sedentary) and ideally more than 10,000 per day.

We all know that standing burn more calories than sitting, combine this with deep breathing for about 15 min a day ( in total) and you are looking at burning at few hundred calories without even going to the gym.

It will further save you from lower back pain as well.


chronic sitting pic 4
standing meetings
future of standing workplace

What is your thought process when planning a meal, and what are the major components you always include?


Food is very personal and its intrinsically linked with your culture and environment.

We thrive on different things!!

For some people, I know they can eat almost 70 percent of their calories from carbohydrates and still build a good physique and can stay healthy. Like in the picture below, mostly when you ask us Indians how much food we eat we mostly reply in carb quantities like: “oh I ate three rotis/paranthas. I had this much rice, and so on and so forth.

indian parathas

Whereas for someone like me I feel bloated if you give me a sandwich or pasta, or paranthas and I rather eat meat, eggs and lot of healthy fats.

This variation is well researched by William Wolcott in his book ‘The Metabolic Typing’ and if you get a chance to read his book please do so.

Dr Mercola build upon that concept and came out with a new term called ‘Nutritional Typing’ where we humans are basically divided into 3 categories:

Mixed Type

Carb Type

Protein Type.

If you want to read more about this, and want to know what type you are, you can take the test for free. You will learn a lot by taking this test.

Having said that, there are many common guidelines and principles which when applied to your everyday diet can make you healthy and fit:

Here are few of them:

Eat less:But don’t starve. Its always a good idea to know how much your body burns and your maintenance calories which I have explained clearly in thisarticle. No matter how healthy you eat, if you don’t eat around your maintenance you will have a tough time maintaining your weight and therefore your health.

No matter what type you are, try and include at least 15% of either of the marcos. Don’t be scared of fat. Read this and thisto know more. I support a moderate protein diet, a high protein is also no issue, just don’t go beyond 1gm/lbs of your BW. Lastly, when it comes to eating more carbs, eating more is not a problem especially if you are the carb type. But the type of carb can make a huge difference. Always choose complex and unprocessed over the refined ones. Choose white rice over brown, what bread over whole-wheat. Try and minimize refined sugars found in soft drinks, donuts, ice-cream etc.

Eat your veggies:There is NO way around it. You got to eat your veggies. There are so many nutrients we still haven’t discovered in our food yet and eating raw vegetables provides you just that in abundant quantities. Try juicing if you cannot find the patience to eat tons of salad with your meals.

Try and eat a variety of food:Ok, now I may sound contradictory here as I recommend eating almost same foods everyday. But from time to time, when you eat out say a buffet, try out things that you haven’t before. Your body needs variety and this way you can satisfy your taste buds (sweet, salty, crunchy etc). I have also stayed in three different continents, and I usually try and embrace local foods and spices. So experiment 20% of the time, and eat same 80% of the time, makes sense?

Always keep an eye on the quality of the ingredients:I know organic is expensive. The first step is to start eating at home more often. This way you will save lots of money. And if your budgets allows I highly recommend eating organic, free range, grass fed. This applies to your supplements also.

What is your favourite brand of whey protein and why?

pure power mercola

I usually stick with things that work for me.

I usually have 1–2 scoops of Pure Power ProteinBy Dr Mercola almost every other day. (Please note the I don’t get any commission in promoting his products. I just believe in him and feel that his content, products are second to none)

Pure Power Whey Protein is superior to other whey proteins that you find in the market.

-Its made from grass fed cows

-Its cold pressed

-It has only stevia as sweetener (not harmful items like ascuflame-k, soy lecithin, sucralose etc)

For more in-depth details, I highly urge you to read this link.

Do note not all protein powder are created equal!

The quality of ingredients and therefore their cost differ widely, and unfortunately most companies in order to maximise their profits, use cheap ingredients:(

I am not saying this protein is the best in the market, I am sure there are few other companies that are also doing a good job at making great products, but merocla proteins has been working wonders for me in terms of taste, price and how my body takes it and therefore I have been consuming it for more than 5 years now!

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What are some of the best protein rich​ breakfast in India?

Here are 6 best Protein Rich Breakfast one can eat in India:

2 Paranthas with 2 Big Bowl of Rajma and big bowl of Yogurt; Total calories: 980. Protein: 32

Note: This is carb heavy meal, but highly nutritious when compared to eating cereals.

Paranthas have got a bad rep because they are high in calories, but when made with desi ghee/coconut oil can be healthy (avoid cooking in vegetable oils at all cost).

Also note, eating 1000 calories won’t make you fat, eating more than you can burn will make you fat!

Rajma and Yogurt besides having carbs, also have good quality proteins in them.

I eat only 2 meals a day, and eat about 1000 calories in each meal! But if you find eating this much food a bit overwhelming, I would suggest to cut down on the quantities to adjust to your appetite.

Whole egg omelette with Whole wheat bread; Total calories: 650, Protein: 38

Banana Foster Parfaits; Total Calories: 500, Protein: 26g

Please note, calories will differ according to the food quantities. About 250g of Yogurt has about 14g of protein. If you live outside of India, greek yogurts are very common and have higher protein content than normal yogurt!

Paneer Bhurgi with 2 Paranthas; Total calories: 850; Protein: 39g

I know what you thinking, another parantha dish!

Well, as I am writing this post, I suddenly having a craving for paranthas, as I had a solid gym session, and even after having my meal I am still hungry:)

Anyways, paranthas is tasty, and lot of Indians eat it.

Its sad to see how paranthas are being replaced by sugar-laden cereals which offer no nutritious value.

Paranthas (when cooked in desi ghee or coconut oil, and when made with desi atta (flour) you can also mix channa in flour for added protein boost) and eaten with yogurt, paneer, dal, rajma can be a solid high protein breakfast.

Just don’t overeat, and use ghee in limits, and you’ll do just fine.

And don’t forget to throw away those cereals boxes that costs you a fortune and do you no good:)

Also please note, I am not a parantha fan, and I hardly have it, as my body doesn’t do well with too much carbs.

But most Indians, can thrive on a high carb diet (upto 60–70%) of caloric intake, but one need to make sure that the carbs are complex in nature like from wheat, brown rice, beans, lentils etc.

Boiled Eggs, whole wheat bread and cows milk, Total calories: 700, Protein: 40g

Last but not the least,

Protein Smoothie

A protein smoothie has a lot going on besides having whey in it.

I routinely include things like avocados, almonds, blueberries, bananas, coconut oil besides cows milk and whey and this adds up to about 1000 calories and a protein total of 65–70g of protein.

Hope you liked the list:)

Also, do note, you can easily have the leftover of dinner, as your breakfast. Just be creative!

How do trap bar deadlifts compare to conventional deadlifts?


There are many benefits of using a trap/shrug bar over conventional deadlifts:

-The center of gravity of the resistance is in close alignment with the center of gravity of the lifter when using a trap bar. This enables the lifter to remain more upright and takes stress off the lower back, making trap bar deadlift a quad dominant movement as opposed to a hip dominant one.

-Your shins are spared using a trap bar.

-Trap bar deadlift works more musculature than its conventional counterpart, as there is more knee flexion, which then results in more muscle growth over time

You can read the full articlehere.

Can kids and teenagers consume whey protein if they don’t work out?


Thank you for your question.

Please note, protein requirement for a sedentary person is about 0.8g/kg of body weight.

What that means is that for a person who is 60kg, his protein requirement will be 48grams.

Protein requirements for active people is between the range of [1–2]g/per kg of BW.

Protein is made up of amino acid. They are of 2 types of amino acids:

Non-essential amino acids -which the body can manufacture on it’s own.

Essential amino acids -which the body cannot manufacture on its own and therefore is required from our dietary sources.

Meats, eggs, milk, and whey protein have all the eight essential amino acids whereas vegetarian sources have only some essential amino acid missing.

However, if you combine different vegetable sources this should not be an issue.

Coming back to the main question: Can kids consume whey protein?

Well, not all whey proteins are created equal!

Supplements are big business, and most companies use very cheap ingredients, inexpensive processing methods, and include lot of sweeteners like ascuflame-k, soy lecithin, sucralose etc which can be harmful.

According to thisstudy, many samples of top whey proteins in the market were found to have high levels of lead, cadmium etc.

So, what this means is that you need to be very selective in choosing which brand of whey to use.

Ingesting 50–75g of protein daily from food is very much possible, and supplementation with whey is not required especially when kids don’t workout, as their protein requirement would be less when compared with kids who do workout and are active!

One big bowl of lentil (dal) will have ~17g of high quality protein

2 whole eggs will give you about 12g

250 ml milk will give you 8g

Peas, broccoli, spinach all have protein in them.

Carb sources like wheat, rice, breads have some protein.

If your kids non-vegetarian items like chicken, fish, just 100g of these meats have around 20–30g.

So I don’t really see the need for whey, unless you have a high quality powder, and giving them one scoop, in the form of smoothie so that they enjoy the taste (which then helps them to curb sugar cravings and avoid sugary treat because of this smoothie!)

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How do I consume 3000 calories a day while working a 9-5 desk job? I am 5’10” and 145 pounds.


Unless your are super active throughout your day (like clocking more than 10,000 steps a day) and also doing some moderate cardio for about 75–90 min a week or HIIT for about 40–50 min a week in addition to your weight training routine, consuming 3,000 calories will cause you to gain more fat than muscle!

I made the same mistake over and over again. So many experts- I won’t name them (but they are well known in the muscle gaining business), suggests to consume a lot of calories when trying to gain weight.

Even old schoolers like John Mc Callum, or Perry Radar suggests lot of calories, but most people will end up gaining tons of fat (along with muscle of course), which then they have tough time losing and in long run end up losing more muscle in the process!

Based on your bodyweight, I estimate your TDEE to be around 2000–2100.

Eating 2500 is good enough!

If you want to cycle your calories, you can eat 2700 one day, and 2300 the other, but overall your average should come to 2500.

Even 2500 is a lot of calories, and you need to ensure you are working super hard in the gym otherwise you will gain more fat than muscle.

If its hard to consume multiple meals when at work, why don’t you have a heavy breakfast comprising of about 1000 calories made of whole eggs, 2 tablesppon of ghee or coconut oil with few slices of whole wheat bread and some milk.

You can carry some snacks like fruits, nuts, a protein bar which can give you about 400–500 calories.

One plus point of just having a snack instead of a proper lunch is that you may not feel sleepy and can better concentrate on your work instead:)

Dinner again can be feast in the form of a post workout meals since you workout in the evening.

You can either have a protein smoothie: Whey+milk+coconut oil+avacado+banana+blueberries etc. I routinely have this shake and it’s about 1000 calories.

or you can have grilled meat with either brown rice/mashed potatoes and a big bowl of salad.

Drink milk before bed if you are unable to satisfy your calorie requirements.

Pro Tip:Counting calories is great. But sometimes you need to listen you body. Just because you think you need to ingest certain number of calories, does not mean you have to.

Let your appetite dictate how much you should eat at times.

Hope this helps:)

I can’t do pull-ups. I am working on it. However, I want to know if there are any alternative exercises to pull-ups?


back training

Pull-ups works your latissimus dorsi. Infact its one of the best exercise to train your back!

I can perform 15 pull-ups at a time, and also use a weighed belt.

However, I was not strong many years back. Just like many gym goers, I wasn’t able to do even a single pull-up!

There are two alternative’s to pull-ups until you get strong enough to pull your own body weight:

1. Lat pulldown Machine

girl lat pulldown

2. Assisted Pull-up Machine


3. Band Assisted Pull-ups (in case you don’t have the assisted machine in your gym)


Hope this helps:)