Fabulous Body’s Latest Course is NASM Approved for 1.9CEU’s!!

My Health & Fitness career officially started in January 2006 after I graduated from the Certified Personal Trainer course from NASM-National Academy of Sports Medicine. 

My NASM Scorecard:

Before acquiring this certification, I had been an avid reader of health & fitness materials for many years and had helped a lot of my friends and family!

However, on the 19th January 2006, after I gave my NASM exam, I had this moment of clarity that I was destined to be in the Health & Fitness Industry for life!

NASM has been a world-renowned fitness education provider for more than thirty years!

NASM is the leader in providing technology-based fitness education and certification solutions, and everyone who has been part of the health and fitness industry has heard about them. 

I am super proud to announce that our latest course, the Holistic Nutrition Coach Course, has been NASM Approved for 1.9 CEUs:))

What does CEUs stand for? And how is it beneficial for a health & fitness professional?

CEUs stands for Continuing Education Units. NASM mandates that NASM certified professionals complete a minimum number of Continuing Education Units over a two-year period. 

Therefore, they list reputable providers that support and uphold NASM’s high standards. 

Fabulous Body’s latest course, Holistic Nutrition Coach, can help you secure 1.9 NASM CEUs once you pass the exam and graduate from it. 

Here’s how your HNC certificate will look like:

What if I am not NASM Certified?

Being NASM-approved is a massive badge of honor for any organization. Even if you are not certified by NASM and do not require the CEUs, knowing that the HNC Course is approved by NASM (1.9CEUs) is simply fabulous!

What’s Next?

At Fabulous Body, we believe in providing high-quality courses that offer 10x the value compared to the cost. 

We strongly believe that everyone has the right to a good education irrespective of their economic status. And that’s why our mission is to provide quality wellness education that is super-affordable to all. 

We plan to upgrade many of our Foundation Diploma courses in the Year 2022 and hopefully get approved by various prestigious world-renowned organizations. 

Since you have lifetime access to all the courses, we won’t be charging any extra fee to issue you a new certification with all the logos of the new accreditations authorities.

Having said that, you’ll be required to give the final exam once again as the course material will be improved and may slightly differ to match the stringent requirements of the different accreditation authorities. 

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Thank you for your support and love!