Can A Person With A Skinny-Fat Look Build A Body Like David Beckham?

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Dec 30, 2018

SAID principle asserts that the human body adapts specifically to imposed demands. 1


In other words, given stressors on the human system, whether biomechanical or neurological, there will be a Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands (SAID). 2


For example, by only doing pull-ups on the same regular pull-up bar, your body becomes adapted to this specific physical demand. Still, it is not necessarily adapted to other climbing patterns or environments.


The same David Beckham’s legs (and other footballers’) are powerful and huge.


However, when it comes to their upper torso (although relatively Lean) are not huge when compared with a bodybuilder.



However, a person’s look is also largely determined by one’s genetics, the capacity to build muscle, recovery abilities, skeleton framework and so forth.


The Number One Thing That Is Common Between Footballers, Bodybuilders, Fitness Models, Or Anyone With A Great Physique Is.


-They have low body fat levels, <12%


-They have decent levels of muscle mass


That’s all you need to know. If you are above 15% body fat percentage for men, get on a caloric deficit diet and bring it down. Strive to be in the sexy weight range.


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