Best Workout Plans | Amazing Workout Plans That Work

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Dec 29, 2018

In order for a workout plan to work, it needs to be customized according to your body type, goals and abilities.


Needless to say, if you have a lower back issue, squats and deadlifts should be avoided. Similarly, if you are a skinny fat person with poor genetics to build muscle, a split workout plan with high volume will do more harm than good.


Instead, what a skinny fat person should focus on is a low-moderate workout plan with mostly compound lifts and only 2-3 workout sessions a week.


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A lot goes into creating a workout plan that’s amazing, but in this post, let me give you a brief overview.


If you have read my blog, you must be aware of the FBX Training System. I like systems, and frameworks, with a set of guidelines and core principles that one should adhere to for the best results.


Let’s understand three core principles to create amazing workout plans that work.


1) Ensure That The Volume Of Every Muscle Group Is Within The Volume Continuum


I have explained Workout Volume in detail in the article below. Based on research and my obsessive research, here is the volume table for both major and minor muscle groups per week:


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2) Number Of Reps For Each Set


I am assuming you want a fab body. Probably that’s why you are reading this post. To put it in simple words, a fab body is all about building lean muscle and shedding body fat. I won’t go into specifics which I have covered in this comprehensive post:


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And so, science says that if you need to build muscle, you need to stick within the rep range of 5—12 for best results. Now, this range is also pretty large, and that’s why I have divided FBX workouts into FBX-Cut & FBX-Gain.


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3) Exercise Selection


Free weight over machines and compound exercise over isolation exercises. You cannot build a strong and functional physique by doing machine curls or using a smith machine for most of your movements.


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I have explained the basic science behind this in the articles linked up above; make sure to have a look. So here we go, ‘three’ core principles to make your workouts amazing and work for you!


If you still feel the need to start with pre-designed plans I have created. You can enroll in my Free Course, The FBX Training.



Let me know if you have any questions.



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