Best Diet For Stomach Fat

Akash Sehrawat

3 min read | Dec 29, 2018

The best diet for losing stomach fat is any diet that is 100% personalized to your goals, schedule, and lifestyle.


You will stick to a diet better when certain foods that you like are included. Yes, I am talking about Ice-creams as well. 🙂


Let’s leave ice-creams for later and concentrate on the following foods:




Do you find drinking milk pleasurable?


I do, and that’s why 500 calories in my diet come from milk and milk sources like buttermilk. It goes well with my culture, and my stomach can take it well. I work hard to find reliable organic sources for my dairy. The quality of your food sources is very important too.


Same thing I can say for eggs. 200–300 calories from eggs almost every day.


What about you?


Think about 3–5 core ingredients that you can form your diet around.








Then decide the meal pattern that is suited to your lifestyle.


I swear by Intermittent Fasting. It works very well for me.


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-Wake up at 5 am

-First meal- 11 am

-Second meal- 7 pm.




Eggs/Oats very easy to make




Leftover chicken from yesterday, which I will eat today with rice.


Done. All nutrients, hardly any time cooking and more time working. During the times when I do mini fasts, I survive with coffee/green tea.


I do include unhealthy calories as well. This helps me curb my cravings. I follow the 80/20 or 90/10 diet. 80 calories from healthy foods and 20% from unhealthy foods.


When I am trying to cut body fat down to less than 10% than I go for 90/10:


Now let’s come to ice creams:


These 2 guys lost a lot of weight just by eating Mcdonald’s and Twinkies! The biomarkers also improved. 1, 2


Hey, don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting you do the same. The fact that I am pointing towards is the fact is this:


It’s very much possible to include your favorite foods like ice creams, pizzas, and burgers and still lose weight and get healthy! You cannot ask someone who eats most of his calories from junk to start eating boiled food and 5–8 servings of fruits and veggies just because the health authorities recommend it.


It does not work like that!


We, humans, are creatures of habits, and when your taste buds have been altered by eating processed foods like chips, donuts etc, you just won’t get satisfied eating ‘Ghar ka khana’ (homemade food)


What I am suggesting is you need to decide [not your trainer] what method you want to select to lose weight.


Enjoyable | Realistic | Aggressive


You can read about these methods in my other article. (Skip to step 3)


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If you need some diet plans to get started, you can enroll into my Free Course, The FAB-D Diet.


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