Beginner Gym Tips | 4 Best Ways For A Beginner To Get Started

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Jun 13, 2017

You want to read this article if you are a beginner and want to know the four best ways to approach a gym.


1) Don’t Just Yet Commit To A Yearly/Quarterly Gym Membership Before You Are Sure


Unlike a restaurant where you had a bad meal, you can vow never to come back, but with a gym, things are different. Once you have paid the money, you are stuck.


My friend Rohan runs a company called Class Hop (classhop. in), where you can connect with 400+ gyms and 4000+ activities with a single membership!! 1


Now that’s insanely useful and practical. It’s like flirting around before you commit or you don’t 🙂


2) Workout When The Gym Is Least Crowded


Many would agree that a less crowded gym is less intimidating than a crowded one. So if you have a flexible work schedule, work out during the off-peak timings, either midday or late at night. However, if your work does not allow these slots, come in the mornings.




Because a relatively older crowd comes in the morning and is more supportive than a younger crowd, which comes in the evening!


3) Beginner Gym Tip


Convince A friend To Join With You


The first few months in the gym are crucial. And you are having your best buddy by your side when training can significantly boost your confidence and alleviate any anxiety or discomfort you may face when going alone.


Just make sure you both have the same goal in mind, and that is to have a great workout. Otherwise, you might end up chatting and socializing instead!


Tip: Few gyms offer discount deals where you have your friend sign up with you and get a lower price. At the same time, you can also divide the cost of a personal trainer as they, in most cases, offer a couple’s training as well.


This can save you a lot of money [provided your instructor agrees you and your same-sex friend be a couple unless, of course, your training partner is a spouse or is a person from the opposite sex]. Always ask!


4) Beginner Gym Tip


Have A Plan


I cannot expect you to know everything! But at least know your goals, see some videos on how to perform a few compound lifts, and know the basic technical terms like what is a set, rep, tempo, total volume, the name of the exercises, etc.


This way, you are more confident, and trainers at the gym will be careful when dealing with you.


Enroll in my Free Fitness Courses, which will make you a master at designing your workout plan.


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What do you think about these tips? Do you find them useful?


Do you have anything you like to add or have any queries, let me know in the comments below!

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