Amazing Health Hacks Everyone Should Know

Akash Sehrawat

4 min read | Jul 11, 2017

Let Me Give You 5 Amazing Health Hacks That Everyone Should Know About


1) Optimize Your Vitamin D Levels


Your levels should be between 50ng/ml to 70ng/ml. A study of menopausal women showed that maintaining vitamin D serum levels of 40ng/ml cut overall cancer risk by 77%. Here’s how you can do it. 1


-Go out in the Sun between 12 pm to 3 pm. This is where you will be exposed to the beneficial UV-B rays.


-Don’t apply sunscreen the moment you step out in the sun; wait for 20–30 min and get Vitamin D and then apply the lotion to prevent yourself from getting burned.


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2) Include High-Intensity Activities That Take Your Heart Rate To Zone 3


Let me explain


Your Maximal Heart Rate = 220-Your Age


Zone 3= 85–95% of your MHR.


When you do heavy weight lifting and HIIT, your heart needs to work hard to support this heavy work. Your fast twitch muscle fibers are worked. Not only this results in a substantial increase of your muscle mass, but also in releasing large quantities of HGH (Human Growth Hormone).


HGH, as we know, is also termed the ‘Fountain of Youth.’ This hormone not only helps to burn a lot of fat but is also responsible for cell growth, cell reproduction and regeneration.


After the age of 30, HGH starts to rapidly decline and doing HITs can trigger the release of this amazing hormone that can keep you youthful, strong and energetic.


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3) Intermittent Fasting


A study states that a 24-hour fast can increase hGH in women by 1,300% and in men by 2,000%. Every month or so, you can include a 24-hour fast to gain this benefit. 2 Besides this practice, I also highly recommend Intermittent Fasting.


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No, it’s not a fad diet. Instead, it’s a pattern of eating that has been followed for millions of years by our ancestors. It’s a combo of famine and feast. During famine (periods of underrating ), you avoid food and drink water.


However, this can be modified by simply having green tea, black coffee or something very light that’s easy to digest, fruits, soft-boiled eggs etc.


Then Feast. This is the time you can overeat. This is your feeding window.


You can, however, do it based on your own lifestyle. Fasting is super beneficial for us humans, and genetically we have evolved that way. There is no two way around it.


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4) Stand And Stand Some More



If you think I am crazy doing this, read this, according to a BBC report. 3


‘The whole concept of sitting as the norm in workplaces is a recent innovation, points out Jeremy Myerson, professor of design at the Royal College of Art. If you look at the late 19th Century, he says, Victorian clerks could stand at their desks and move around a lot more.’


Here is Winston Churchill working on his standing desk




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I know what you are thinking. You’ll be like Akash, are you seriously walking? Walking is for old people, bro? Ok, hear me out. Most of us are chronic sitters.


We sit on average for 8-10 hours a day!


That’s way too much and against our genetics. Even if you feel you go to the gym a few times a week and play a sport, if you are a chronic sitter, you will have problems later on. This meta-analysis proves this. 4 Now, the first thing I recommend is,


Buy A Fitness Band


According to this study, wearing a wearable device can increase your walking by 27%. 5 You will average around about 2500 steps a day. That’s way too sedentary. Research by James O Keefe on hunters/gatherers suggested that our ancestors used to average at least 5 miles to 8 miles a day.


That’s easily more than 10,000 steps. My suggestion is to start by keeping 5000 steps as a target and then gradually increase it to 7,500.


Still not convinced?


Well, my job is not to convince you….


It’s to educate and empower you; ultimately, decisions lie in your hand. Here are some numbers that suggest the number of pounds you can lose in about a year’s time only if:


You stand for an additional 3 hours per day, using a standing desk variation and increase your step count from 2,500-7,500.


The difference is roughly 6,000 steps daily. This amounts to an extra burn of roughly 150-200 calories which then adds up to 60,000 calories per year.


1 lb of body fat has 3,500 calories, and close to 18 lbs of fat is burned annually with just walking.


And yes, all the calories burned come purely from your fat cells!


Yet another article on BBC claims that just by standing an extra 3 hours per day, you are burning 0.7 extra standing versus sitting. This may not look like much, but when you add it up, it comes to about 50 calories per hour. 6


And if you only stand 3 hours extra per day, five times a week, that comes to about 750 calories and over the course of a year, it’s about 30,000 extra calories!


That’s 10.2 lbs of fat burned!!


Grand Total from Standing + Walking: 18 lbs + 10.2 lbs = 28.2 lbs of body fat.


What do you think about these unconventional health hacks? Do you implement any of these in your lifestyle?


Have any questions you like you ask, let me know in the comments below!

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Akash Sehrawat
Akash Sehrawat
6 years ago

Hello Sunil, Walking and standing in combination with other high-intensity activities is the key. As I have mentioned in most of my posts and answers I swear by high-intensity activities as it works like magic. It optimizes our hormonal profile, works the anaerobic system and fast and very fast twitch muscles fibres which otherwise the low-intensity activities cannot. It saves a lot of time too!