5 Training Myths That Kill Muscle Growth

Akash Sehrawat

2 min read | Apr 19, 2016

Conventional wisdom is confusing you. Its proponents want to keep things mysterious and interesting. As a result, there are many myths that flood the fitness industry. Here are some of the common ones.


1) You Have To Train Six Times A Week To Build Muscles


The age-old question is just how much you should train in order to get excellent muscle gains. Are you ready? Three days a week. Does that surprise you? Think about it. Your muscle needs rest as well as exercise.


Your muscle tissue is broken down as you exercise and is re-building when you are at rest! Train hard for 3 to 6 hours per week, two to three times a week; you don’t need more!


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2) You Must Train Until Failure


Once your muscle performs more work than it did in the previous workout, your mission is accomplished. You have achieved progressive overload, and it is time to move on to the next muscle group.


But if you keep working on the same muscle group for another half hour or so, you have wasted your precious energy that could be utilized for growing muscles, and this results in delayed recovery. Over time this could lead to over-training!


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3) Muscle Pump Is Important For Muscle Growth


Muscular fatigue (pump) happens when you lift moderate weights for higher reps, and you cannot complete the set because of the burning sensation caused by lactic acid build-up, which results from a lack of oxygen to the muscle.


You complete the set far from muscular overload. Sure there are numerous studies that support an anabolic role of exercise-induced metabolic stress. But the main component of muscular growth is muscular tension, and the way you create tension is through progressive overload by lifting heavy weights.


4) Instinctive Training Is The Best


Building muscle is based on improving the intensity of the workout progressively in each session as I mentioned earlier that you have to achieve progressive overload in every subsequent workout.


For example: If one is performing upright rows for shoulders with 40kg weight * 10 reps with time under tension to be 40 sec (2-0-2 * 10) for 2 sets, then for the next workout, one should outdo by increasing either intensity variables like weight, TUT, reps or even sets.


Do you ever see professional athletes following their instincts with their training? Never, they log everything, and I suggest you do the same for insane muscle growth.


5) Blame Your Genetics If You Cannot Build Muscle


Genetics does play a part in the equation to build muscle, but it’s only a part! Sheer hard work, smart training and a sound nutrition plan can offset the disadvantages for someone who is genetically cursed!


Building a lean muscular physique requires you to step outside of conventional wisdom and feed your mind with real knowledge!


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